Client Testimonials

Those who used StealthGenie cell phone surveillance software range from concerned parents/employers to undercover detectives, they have written to us about their experience and we are delighted to share that with you. Here are their stories..

Disclaimer: StealthGenie is designed for monitoring your children, employees or others on a smartphone or mobile device that you own or have proper consent to monitor.

martin Martin Langston

quoteI suspected my daughter of substance abuse. Unfortunately I had no proof of this. So I installed Stealth Genie on her phone and set up trigger words for her calls and SMS. These words were cocaine/coke, heroine, marijuana, dealer and a few more. My worst fears were confirmed a day after installing Stealth Genie on her phone. She was not only abusing drugs she was also selling them to other people. I thank Stealth Genie for informing me of this before she did something stupid under the influence of drugs. I immediately put her in a rehabilitation center to get her cleaned up. My daughter is now out of the rehab center and is back to being her carefree and happy self. I can’t thank Stealth Genie enough!

martha Martha Jasper

quoteI suspected my younger daughter of missing school. Once, I dropped her to school and my friend told me after like an hour that she saw Jazzy at Pizza hut with some guy. I called her immediately and she made me talk to someone she said was her teacher I calmed down and such a thing happened again after a week. She was seen by many of my friends sitting with some guy during school timings. I installed StealthGenie in her blackberry and one day she repeated the same I recorded her surroundings and checked them on the GPS navigation map in member’s area. I reached that place instantly and was shocked to find out that she was actually sitting there with some guy hands in hands. I dragged her to the car and brought her home. I am highly thankful to StealthGenie for making me reach her exact location and finding out the truth.

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steve Steve

quoteStealthGenie, you are AWSOME, too Koool…. Folks, I bought Galaxy S2 last week and out of nowhere it came into my mind that I should think of keeping it safe as cell snatching is common, I installed StealthGenie on my device. Very next day I went to school and showed my mates, the long awaited phone I wanted to buy. As I reached home from school I realized that I didn’t have my phone with me. I was like DEAD! I had almost begged my father for months for this Cell Phone and now when I lost it, he would KILL me!, like literally kill me. Ahhh, and lucky was I, I had installed StealthGenie, immediately accessed my genie account and traced my Phone! And you know what, my best friend had stolen it. I told my dad and we got the phone back and I am writing this from my lovely GS2.

klamer Klamer J BRANDON

quoteI am working at sales tech as senior sales supervisor and I have a team of 10 employees working under me. It was very difficult to coordinate with them. My boss then installed StealthGenie software in their mobile phones and I was shocked to find out that four of them were totally faking it up like not calling and were just filling the details on their own. They used to leave office for sales presentation but were going to do their personal stuff during official duty hours. I got all these details by logging in to the online interface and checking their call records and location history. Thanks StealthGenie for making it possible!

One word. Unbelievable. With feature upon feature upon feature, I was discovering something new every time.

macdonald Steve McDonald

quoteStealthGenie is a “must have” software. I would recommend it to all parents that they should install this on their child’s cellular device, because these days you will not know what they are doing unless you keep a close check. I installed this on my daughter’s Android to keep a close check on her activities as she lives in hostel. Gladly she is not into anything bad and this gives me a peace of mind. I can always check her location and that she is not out late night. Thanks StealthGenie!

natalie Natalia Grande

quoteMy 18 year old son was accused of selling drugs in school and was put to jail twice along with some other friends. We took him out both the times but when we asked him the truth he said he doesn’t know anything and somebody else was weaving conspiracies against him. One day I found some drugs in his cabinet while cleaning the house and if somebody else was doing it how they reached his cabinet. This was doubtful and we instantly purchased StealthGenie online and installed it in his phone. I kept a closed check through online portal where all the info was being uploaded. I read his texts which clearly proved he was involved in drug sales and I even got into his call and heard his conversation with his friend saying deal done for tomorrow and the plans that they were making to drop the packet to the buyer’s house. I recorded the call and my husband had an ear to it too and now we have put restrictions on him. I am thankful to StealthGenie for letting me know the truth.

I cannot even begin to explain how easy my life has been made by StealthGenie.

lilly Lilly Bulivant

quoteI am a widow and work in a superstore. My younger son who is just 16 years old wanted to buy BlackBerry. Every day I go home, he would insist for it as his class fellows had similar devices. He is young and it was not easy for me to afford an expensive phone with risk that he may misplace it or someone can steal. I could not resist his craving for BlackBerry and I got him one last week. Luckily I installed StealthGenie in his device thinking that I could have a look at his activities. Yesterday when I came home I found out that he lost his phone while playing in the ground. This news shook me badly and he was also crying over misplacing it. I was worried about what to do and right at that moment I received an SMS alert from StealthGenie about SIM replacement in that device. I immediately logged onto website and traced the exact location, which was two blocks away. I called police and went to the identified place in few minutes; it was stolen by a kid of his age, who said that he found it in the ground. It’s all due to StealthGenie that I am saved from a big loss, I will recommend everyone to install it in their device.

adam Adam Walters

quoteI was suspecting my younger brother of missing university and I also had doubts that he was into drugs, alcoholic drinks and was hanging around with bad guys. It was very difficult to monitor him while sitting in the office. I got to know of StealthGenie monitoring software and I got him a new Android phone HTC Desire and installed the application in his phone. I had online access to the online interface where all the information was being uploaded related to the activities done through his phone. I read all his texts, got into live calls and had an ear to his conversations with his friends. He was involved in drug abuse and was drinking every night with his friends. I traced his location as well through real time tracking feature and got hold of him while he was drinking with his friends. Thanks to StealthGenie for bringing out the truth on face and saving my brother from future mishaps.

marina Marina Malorny

quoteMy daughter was getting involved in a guy and initially I had doubts about it. She was too young to get into a relationship and deal with it sanely. I was so worried because I wasn’t really sure about it and I didn’t know how to start a conversation with my daughter without being sure about it. She could have been on the phone with her friends also and one day I checked her phone it had nothing except messages from her friends only. It was very confusing and when I got to know about StealthGenie I though I should give it a try and I installed the application in her phone while she was asleep. Next day I saw a plethora of messages sent to and received from her boyfriend. I saw some weird photos in her phone with that guy kissing her and some other disgraceful stuff. What an invention StealthGenie is that I got to know everything about my daughter without putting many efforts.

StealthGenie is a blessing for people who are sick of being lied to and cheated on

daniel Daniel Puebla

quoteAre you the sort who usually misplaces their cell phone? Well I am, I have this bad habit of carrying my cell phone in hand and I have misplaced almost seven cell phones like this. I learnt about Stealthgenie from a friend of mine and I installed it on my device two months ago. I am so grateful to StealthGenie for this innovative software, because last week I misplaced my phone again in the coffee shop and with the help of StealthGenie I was able to track my phone immediately. The shopkeeper was not ready to accept that he had my phone but when threatened, he immediately returned it.

bill Bill M Cortes

quoteI had serious doubts that one of my employees was leaking some confidential information. I tried to monitor him but I couldn’t really figure out the truth. I installed StealthGenie in his phone and then I got to view on the online interface some pictures of very important documents that were confidential and were sent to our competitor and his texts showed that he was being paid a heavy amount to steal the information. I called him in the office, showed him all the details and fired him immediately. All thanks to StealthGenie due to which I was able to save my business in time otherwise I would have been stripped completely and my competitors would have been way ahead from my company.