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Top 10 Tech Alerts You Don’t Want to Miss This Week

September 17, 2014
1. Event of the Week: iPhone 6 Launch Read what you should know about the new iPhone 6 launch event! Read more: 2. Biggest Mistake of the Week Ain’t you amused when big people make big mistakes unconsciously and regretting it afterwards? It is when they leave their footprint forever on cyber resources and […]

Weekly StealthGenie Blog Review: Safe Parenting, iPhone Launch, iWatch and iOS 7 Announcement, Employee Monitoring, Customer Query and Much More

September 14, 2014
This blog reviews all the subjects and discussion covered by StealthGenie this week. Get ready to get the whole information at a glance! 8 September, 2014: Most Parents Don’t Track Teens’ Social Media Usage! Do You? I often hear parents claiming that they know each and everything about their kids. I mean, really? How often […]

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StealthGenie is Now Compatible With iOS 7.1.2

July 09, 2014
StealthGenie has an objective to facilitate its users with state-of-the-art features. Previously, we introduced the feature of monitoring BBM conversations on iPhone and Android. Today, I am going to update you about the new iOS 7.1.2 version. Last week, when Apple released its iOS 7.1.2 version after fixing a few security flaws, StealthGenie developers started working on […]

5 Technical Points to Help You Use StealthGenie

July 05, 2014
Recently, I got a lot of concerns from you about having issues in the working of StealthGenie. It seems, some users have been experiencing difficulty to monitor their target smartphone efficiently. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with the app but you need to look at some technical points you need to consider while using […]

Apple Unveils iOS 7 – Good Enough Features that Didn’t Get Much Hype

June 12, 2013
In the last blog I did on the iOS 7 – its design and some of the mind-boggling features, I hinted at some of the features that you won’t find on the main stream tech sites but these features are good enough and the developers behind them deserve a nod of approval, too! In this […]

Easter Gets Feistier as StealthGenie Slashes 15% Off All Mobile Monitoring Products

March 29, 2013
Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner so as we eagerly wait for the Easter celebrations, decorate Easter Eggs and long to meet the Easter Bunny, let’s not forget to make sure our kids and loved ones stay safe during the festivities. That’s why StealthGenie, as always, is pleased to […]

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Mobile World Congress 2013 – Coolest Smartphones to Compete a Messy Brawl!

February 26, 2013
Mobile World Congress 2013 at Barcelona is all that the tech savvy could think of these days. The tech giants and the startups are rolling out brilliant ideas that have a potential to shape our lives. But the biggest fascination, at least for me, is the smartphones from the font-line manufacturers all adamant at outwitting […]

StealthGenie Announces New Features- Monitor WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail App Seamlessly!

December 05, 2012
StealthGenie has been up to a lot lately! You got the revamped and a user-friendly website and an updated software but wait, there’s more to come your way: three brand new features are now fully functional and available to all existing and new StealthGenie users. Now you can spy the Gmail app, iMessage and WhatsApp […]

This Cyber Monday, StealthGenie Steals the Show!

November 26, 2012
Yes! This is Cyber Monday again- the Monday that’s not blue and the Monday for which all the online shoppers were waiting anxiously for. So brace yourself for the coolest online deals but hang on! StealthGenie has stolen the show already! With StealthGenie, its Massive! If paying even $8 a month is too much for […]

Notice Anything Different? Here’s a Guide to Everything New about StealthGenie

November 06, 2012
In case you haven’t noticed (which is pretty impossible), has been totally revamped and what you are looking at now is the result of months of preparation and hard work by our designers and developers. Even though it DOES look very pretty, there is much more to the new website than just the design. […]

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