Your Vantage Point: Recording Phone Surroundings

Do your friends marvel how well you juggle your office and family and manage both the fronts so seamlessly? Do they suspect you know some sorcery the way you always know what your kids and employees are doing? After all, your smart decision to record phone surroundings has definitely paid off, hasn’t it?


Let’s share the secret that made your life simple, relaxed and self-assured: the art of recording phone surroundings. Well, literally speaking, it’s not much of an art and doesn’t need any specific set of skills to master it. Just a smartphone and a decent cell phone spy- bingo! You can start recording phone surroundings right away!

Smartphone, Cell Spy, Record!

For all the newbies, we will discuss in detail how to record phone surroundings. First off, you need to get your kids or employees that you want to monitor a smartphone. But before you hand them over the phone, secretly install cell phone spy software on it. You can find a decent one and can buy it online. After installing the software, the target smartphone has become your remote bugging device. I know how it sounds like the James Bond movies we all love!

How to Record Phone Surroundings?

After installing the cell phone spy on the smartphones of your kids or employees, log on to the member’s area on the website and remotely listen to all recordings of phone surroundings which your cell spy dutifully uploads on the web interface. Any of the decent cell phone spy software like StealthGenie, lets you:

  • Record and listen to monitored phone’s surroundings
  • Send a command to the targets phone specifying the duration you want the surroundings to be recorded for.
  • Listen to the recorded surroundings in the member’s area.
  • Listen to the surroundings without your kids or employees knowing about it
  • Records surroundings up to a 15ft circumference

Recording Kids’ Phone Surroundings:

Evident form the above mentioned features, recording phone surroundings can serve in you great many ways. For parents, recording phone surroundings mean to able to listen to all the in-room conversations where they are not present. Kids often indulge in potentially harmful things like smoking, drugs, gambling, cybercrimes and what not when they are with friends and know that no one’s watching them. Even if your kids are making plans to run away from their home, you can identify the approaching danger in time and can effectively handle it.

Recording Employees’ Phone Surroundings:

We all know how employees can be lazy sometimes and tend to get away with frauds and non-productivity through the conventional employee monitoring techniques. Not anymore; now employers can make sure that all clients are pitched in the best possible way and there are no meetings that are skipped by the employees. Even if you’re not present at any meeting, you can listen to the proceedings first-hand by recording phone surroundings. You can also know what happens if your employee is meeting up with the rivals. Is he selling off your company secrets? Are your rivals indulging in horse trading? Now you have a sure way to find out.

Inspire Awe and Record Phone Surroundings:

So let your friends marvel you with awe, too. It’s no magic when you know how to record phone surroundings. Keep an ear on what your employees or kids say in your absence and outsmart them before they do! Recording phone surroundings can very well be your vantage point to maintain a balanced family and work life!


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