Why is there a Need to Monitor Cell Phones?

Mobile phone tracking usually gets a bad rap. People equate cell phone monitoring with spying or stalking and make it sound like the Watergate scandal! The truth of the matter is that no one goes through the trouble of buying a cell phone monitoring application and installing it into someone’s phone just for fun. Cell phone monitoring applications were created to help the people who really needed a way to keep track of a mobile phone.


StealthGenie has been designed keeping all the situations that would require cell phone monitoring in mind. Following are some of the situations that StealthGenie can help in and the features you could use in the specific situations.

Parental Monitoring

If you are a parent who cares about their kids and wants to make sure they are not using their smartphones for the wrong reasons, you would find StealthGenie a great asset. Most kids these days are either using iPhones or Android OS-based phones and StealthGenie works with both types of phones. It even provides you compatibility for the upcoming iPhone 5 and the latest iPhone 4S in addition to new devices by HTC, Samsung, Google, Sony Ericsson and LG.  Following are some of the features that parents can use to monitor their kids:

  • Most teenagers use texting as their main mode of communication. StealthGenie lets you monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS messages from your child’s phone; even the ones they’ve deleted.
  • You can look at their call logs and find out who they’re talking to, at what time and for how long. You can also choose to record any given call.
  • You can check out your child’s internet usage by looking at their phone’s web browser history and bookmarks.
  • Kids store a lot of stuff in their phones including photos, videos and audio files. You can get access to all the media either recorded or downloaded on their phone.
  • StealthGenie allows you to set triggers for when certain words are used in a text message or email. You are sent an instant alert if your target uses one of the ‘trigger’ words in SMS messages or emails.

Employee Monitoring

No matter what you think of yourself as an employer or company owner, your company is nothing without your employees. An employee can make or break a company and that is why it is so important to make sure you don’t have any bad eggs in your basket. If you’ve issued your employees Blackberry smartphones, you could preinstall SteathGenie into them and reap the benefits of some of the following features:

  • The main mode of communication for business mobile users is email and StealthGenie gives you full access to all the email your employees receive on or send from their phones.
  • If you have sales staff that travels outside your office, you could use StealthGenie’s GPS locator to find out where exactly your employees are at any given time.
  • Most Blackberry users use Blackberry Messenger to communicate and StealthGenie gives you all their chat records.
  • If an employee decides to go rogue, you could backup any data on their phone and wipe the phone clean to save your company’s sensitive data.


As you can see, StealthGenie is a mobile phone tracking application that could be of great help to people who actually need to keep an eye on people that can literally have a huge impact on their lives.


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