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Overly entangled patent infringement lawsuit between mobile that is ultimately going to decide their abilities to sell, is a counterclaim game. This September is probably going to set the stage for the next smartphone battle. These are updates from the heating smartphone environments, but the software that is, at present, breaking grounds is StealthGenie Mobile surveillance Software. The software has received tremendous feedback since its launch. Its features richness, feasibility, reliability, intractability and friendly customer relation policy has given it a great stand in the monitoring phone industry.

In spite of wondrous matchless features, its customer service is popular among its users. It is fast, it is effective, and it is affable. StealthGenie claims 24X7 supports and it is truly working out. Navigation Bar on the official website has its last tab titled ‘Support’. After clicking on this tab a customer support page opens up. It is basically a page which connects the customer with the company and leads to an interestingly supportive relationship. It offers four way assistance to its visitor. With ‘We are here to help!’ motto the instant answering service is outstanding in response.

StealthGenie Mobile Surveillance Software provides solutions to all the queries and problem customers face. The software has built a knowledge section of common FAQs (other than main page FAQs), where the user will type the question, and anything related to that particular word or question will come in the search result. Likewise is the section of pre-defined Frequently Asked Questions that address the top most questions encounter by a subscriber or visitor. Basic questions of installation and purchase are comprehensively answered here, and the section is evolving time after time. Another way of bonding with the software is the Guides that contain forums of discussion, a healthy activity in addressing issues of majority of the customers. They discuss their problems through open conversations and reach conclusions, opinions; experiences are also shared on this platform. The third and most effective communication way is ‘Submit a request’. By clicking on this big tab a request form appears before the registered user, they just have to enter their email address, Subject, in which the topic of the query is mentioned, and Description, which contains the details of the query. This interface also offers an option of file attachment. This offer is not allowed on any other software of its sort. After filling all the fields, the user has to press Submit button and the request will reach the supporting staff in no time.

The fast sophisticated method of responding to potential customers is a cheering factor. The vigilance it offers over all the pertaining problems is remarkable, without wasting a moment its support staff is helpful at its best. The anecdote does not end here; the chilling factors behind its success are yet not described. Its toolkit is unique comprising of many inimitable functions that are adding pleasure to smartphone usage. Ability to record, tap and listen calls from a distant place is truly a mark on its own. Live Call Interception has broken all the hurdles in listening into any suspicious call on target number, be the call is live or it is recorded, it can be listened and recorded for future needs. Similarly, for SMS conversations, all the on-going and previously done conversations can be stored in the online user interface. Whoever the person you have doubt on, by accessing their phone a single time for one minute, you can install it once and enjoy the benefits for unlimited period of time, but if find any difficulty in it, then use the ‘customer Support.’ Problem solving is the art of StealthGenie. It is invented to resolve conflicts and bring relations closer.

You will keep on counting its features, Geo Live Location Tracking is advancement to tracking systems, and it shows the live movement of the target phone and even let the user to mark boundaries around a certain area, to get notified whenever they are violated by the target person, on whose phone the software has been installed. Addition to this grandeur is the subsidiary features of phone Lock and SIM card change alerts. The saga goes on and the software is developing on the daily basis. But the respect it has achieved in such small span of time is incredible. The surprising growth it has been bestowed shows its standing in today’s Android environment. The niche of smartphone is developing, so as StealthGenie’s support for the smartphones, it is adherent to all the latest technology smartphones and making garlanding smartphone experience among subscribers.

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