Things That Cell Phones Are Taking Away From Our Lives

Cell phones have had a massive impact on the world and society in general. The increasing use of cell phones has changed the way we live and communicate. While this technology has given a lot to humanity, there are also small things that it is taking away from the way we live. Things that have been part of our lifestyles for centuries are slowly fading away. Following are some noticeable things that are seizing to exist with the increased use of cell phones.


Sense of Society

There used to be a time that you would say hello to a passerby walking down the street and you wouldn’t be met with a blank stare. You didn’t need music on the bus as you could just talk to the person sitting next to you. This was when we lived in a society. Now all you see on a bus or subway is kids playing games on their phones, someone listening to music and someone stuck to their phone’s screen for some other reason. The fact is that everyone prefers their phone’s company to an actual human being.

Face to Face Conversations

OK, a lot of these still go on but if you look at any teenager with a phone, they would prefer texting someone rather than going up and talking to them. I’ve seen teenagers texting their mom about dinner or asking for a snack instead of getting up and speaking to their mom in person.

Family Time

Most kids bring their phones to the dinner table and the ‘family time’ concept where all the family sits together is pretty much lost as even when a family is sitting together, the kids are normally just tapping away on their phones. This leaves lesser and lesser time for a proper family get-together. 


The concept of sending someone a letter was one of the most beautiful forms of expression in the past but now you can just text someone about whatever you want to say and that’s it. We have lost an important cultural benchmark which is letter writing.


Due to cell phones, information spreads too fast. If someone is planning to surprise all the kids at school with something, the information about that ‘something’ is probably already spread throughout the school thanks to the quick tapping thumbs of school children.

Substantial Conversations

Most SMS messages are very short (hence the name SHORT Messaging Service). You can’t really put any substance into a text message unless you are really good with words (which most people aren’t). This means as more people go on to use text messaging as a form of communication, lesser people are having substantial conversations.

With all the benefits that cell phones come with, they are slowly taking us out of an age of culture and into an age totally dominated by technology. Is that good or bad? Do you think our cultural values should remain intact? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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