The Search for the Greatest Android Monitoring Tool is over!

Ever since the Android platform first started making waves in the mid 2000’s, developers were hard at work to crack the code and come up with an efficient Android monitoring tool. While many companies have launched sub-par products that provide some sort of monitoring, no one did it right till StealthGenie came out with the most exceptional Android spy tool.


What is StealthGenie?

Being one of the fairly newer products to hit the market, StealthGenie enjoys the privilege of being one of the most technically sound Android spy tools. This is a lightweight app that can covertly be installed into a target’s Android cell phone and it starts monitoring all their cell phone activities while running in the background. Its large amount of features make it the most powerful Android spy app in the market today while its simple design also makes it one of the easiest to use.

What Android Phones Can it Monitor?

The most important thing about being an all-inclusive Android spy app is that the app should be able to monitor a significant number of phone types. StealthGenie can monitor any phone running on Android OS 2.1 and above. This includes most of the latest phones launched by Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Google and Motorola.

Why Is It the Greatest?

In addition to being able to monitor every Android phone you can think of, StealthGenie achieves true greatness due to its plethora of extremely powerful features. Some of the functions of this app include:

  • It gives you the ability to go through the complete Android phone history of phone calls made and received. This call monitor for Android phones also lets you record any calls you wish to.
  • You can also look at all the sent and received SMS messages on the target Android phone.
  • Android phones come with built-in email from Google (Gmail). StealthGenie lets you monitor all email communication done through Gmail on the target phone.
  • All Android phones also come pre-loaded with Google Talk. If your target uses Google Talk on their phone, you can get access to all their chat conversation logs.
  • Android phones are pretty efficient at web browsing and most users use their phones extensively for web browsing. StealthGenie gives you a chance to monitor all their web browsing activities and even gives you access to any websites they have bookmarked.
  • All modern Android phones have built-in GPS capabilities. StealthGenie uses this to report on their exact location at any given time.
  • StealthGenie sends you instant alerts if the SIM card on your target phone is changed. You can also set alerts for when any contact is made with a specific phone number or if specific words or phrases are used in an email of SMS message.

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Greatness Comes at a Surprisingly Small Price

StealthGenie is remarkably affordable; starting at just $8.33 per month. That is a miniscule price to pay for all the Android monitoring abilities that this powerful Android spy tool offers to its users.


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