The New High, Smartphone Addiction

The word addiction is normally associated with harmful drugs which can destroy the user’s life. But are you aware of the fact that there is more than one form of addiction? Some forms of addiction are more harmful than others and they don’t involve the use of illicit drugs. While people have accepted the fact that it’s not okay to be high on dope, they refuse to see the other addictions that they are victim to may be even more dangerous than drugs. An example of a very dangerous addiction is smartphone addiction.

But it’s not a Drug….

The biggest problem with making this claim is that people immediately become defensive and deny all possibility that it may be true. It’s better to read with a calm open mind about the possible consequences of this addiction then life in self-delusion. Smartphone addiction is a very real phenomenon which has the power to ruin people’s life for good; especially if these people are teenagers.

Why is it an Addiction

The dictionary definition of addiction is the compulsive use of any substance which gives you pleasure, regardless of the negative consequences that are bound to occur. Now look at the way smartphones are used, especially by teenagers. You will see a compulsive need to use these phones all the time. To the extent that 30 percent of the smartphone users take their phones to the washroom with them and sleep with their phones in their hand. What is this if not a compulsive addiction?

The Consequences

While addiction is one of the most common problems that plagues the human species, it’s not wise to ignore certain addictions which have the potential to inflict great harms on the user. Smartphone addiction is one such addiction. Children destroy their health by staring compulsively staring at a four inch screen. Their eye sight is ruined and their mental stress levels remain high.

As if this isn’t enough many teenagers waste time on it, critical time which is going to define the rest of their life. Instead of studying for their SATs and focusing on their universities, teenagers waste hours talking to friends or playing games on these devices. So not only are they harming their health but are also destroying their only shot at getting into a good university and securing a nice future. These signs are consistent with the behavior of a drug addict, showing to you that smartphone addiction is a very real and very scary phenomenon.

What to do?

If you are a concerned parent, by now you are probably asking this question. We there isn’t much that you can do except restrict your child’s smartphone usage. You can do this in a number of ways. For example you can use parental monitoring apps on your children’s phones to control their phone usage. But whatever you do one thing is clear, that smartphone addiction exists and it is one of the most dangerous forms of addiction out there primarily because it is not seen as an addiction.

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