The Fall of Titans, How to Save Your Business From the Same Fate

The collapse of Nokia has sent a shockwave throughout the corporate sector. The mighty titan Nokia was the leading company in the telecom sector for more than twenty years yet its collapse came quickly forcing it to take dire measures to stay afloat. Watching the spectacle one often gets concerned about their own businesses. If a successful multibillion dollar company can fail in such a small time period then surely a small company is in danger? Well if you take appropriate measures than you can ensure the success of your company.


Potential Threats

Every company faces two major threats; the one is internal while the other is external. Internally the biggest threat that any company faces is the decline of employee performance, which in turn directly affects the overall productivity of the company. This is dangerous as falling employee productivity leads to a collapse of the company. The second threat is the ever persistent threat of corporate espionage. This is the biggest fear that any company has, especially software houses. The fear is justified as a mole who steals corporate secrets and sells them to competitors causes immense damage to the company.


There are two possible solutions to these two problems. The first one is an expensive one which is beyond the reach of most companies. This is to expand the size of the HR department. By expanding the HR department, the company can monitor employees to ensure that the work performance is maintained while at the same time they keep an eye out for any suspicious activities which a mole might undertake. But this is expensive as expansion of the HR department requires a lot of funds. The other inexpensive yet effective solution is to install employee monitoring apps on your employee’s smartphones.

Employee Monitoring Apps

These apps offer the employer a number of features designed to maximize employee monitoring. Here are some of these features:

  1. Communications Monitoring

    • These apps allow you to monitor the communications of your employee’s phones by allowing you to record the calls dialed and received by your employees.
    • Secondly you can view the call logs of your employees and view details like the call duration and the number dialed.
    • Thirdly you can read the incoming and outgoing SMS messages of your employee’s phone.
    • Finally these apps let you view the chat conversations that your employees conduct over BBM and Google Talk.
  1. Data Monitoring

    • A very important feature of these apps is that they allow you to view the information stored on your employee’s phones, reducing the chance of espionage.
    • You can also monitor your employee’s internet access by view their web browser history.
  1. Phone Security

    • These monitoring apps allow you to view the real time location of your employee’s phone by using the phone’s own GPS tracker.
    • You can also backup the information that is stored in the phone so that in the case of theft of damage, the information is secure.
    • Finally if the phone gets stolen you can lock it till the authorities can recover it.

End Note

While these measures may seem too easy and small, the results speak for themselves. The companies who have started monitoring their employee’s smartphones have seen a significant boost in employee productivity and have seen increased security. A small step can yield huge results and ensure the prosperity of your company, what is the harm in taking it?

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