Teenagers and Parenting – A Comprehensive Guide Part II

In Part one of this article we analyzed the earlier stages of growing. In this article we will be analyzing the most important stage of growing up which is Teenage. Teenage is a very stressful time period for parents because of the physical and emotional development their children undergo. This stage is categorized by mood swings and anger tantrums. It becomes very difficult to communicate with children. Let’s see why this is the case.

Teenagers and Parenting

Neural Pathways

Scientifically speaking, teenage is the time when your brain undergoes what can be described as rewiring. So when a child enters teenage he/she becomes emotionally unstable. This results in increased amount of irritation and occasional outbursts of anger. This is quite understandable as the child struggles to adjust to the changes taking place in his/her brain.

Hormonal Instability

The second major change comes due to unstable amounts of hormones in the blood stream. As the body grows physically hormones are increased in amount to stimulate growth and new hormones and mode which the body is not used to this also results in increased mood changes and uneasiness. Teenagers deal with this by behaving in an aggressive manner.

Tread With Care…

It is very important to tread with care when dealing with teenagers because they are emotionally unstable and confused individuals who are now struggling with certain physical changes which did not exist in their earlier part of childhood. This makes them feel angry and sad. So whatever you do not get into an argument with teenagers. Instead give them space. Let them adjust to the changes at their own pace.

Rules and Regulations

The thing that irritates most teenagers is the strictness of the rules imposed on them. While as children it’s justified and expected that parents control each and every single aspect of their child’s life, as a teenager some problems evolve. Mainly because teenage is mistakenly confused with childhood; it is not a stage of childhood, instead it’s a stage on its own. Hence imposing very strict rules is like asking for trouble. Teens will automatically rebel at the slightest excuse. Do not make unreasonable rules.

What to do?

When faced with such a dilemma there’s only one thing that you can do, that is to relax traditional methods of parental control. By this we certainly do not mean that you become careless. Rather what we mean is that you think outside the box and use smartphone parental monitoring apps to keep an eye on your children, as these apps are undetectable it’s the only way to monitor your children effectively without incurring a teen rebellion.

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