Tech Breakthrough of the Day; Developing a Spy Software for Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)

Although Android had completely revolutionized smartphones long before Android OS 4.0 came out, people did not like it as much as they liked iOS or BlackBerry OS. Android’s developers vowed to carry out three changes in Android, to make it Simple, Beautiful and Useful. They achieved this by doing away with the clumsy interface and simplifying the design into a simple, elegant but accessible model. This has earned Android much appreciation from its users and has made Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) more popular than ever. The race to develop spy software for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) kick started the day it was released. One of the first applications to achieve this feat was StealthGenie.


StealthGenie and Android

StealthGenie was already a leading spy app for Android before Ice Cream Sandwich came out. It is compatible with all Android versions from 2.1 onwards. When Android 4.0 was released, StealthGenie’s software developers accepted the challenge to crack it open and achieved much success at doing it. StealthGenie is one of the first applications to give parents access to their children’s latest smartphones and allows employers to monitor their employee’s phone usage.

StealthGenie’s Features

Being an ideal spy software for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), StealthGenie offers a number of features designed to help you with monitoring Android OS 4.0. This includes the following functions:

1. Call Recording Feature

StealthGenie allows you to record the calls made and received by the target phone. The app records and uploads the recordings to the user’s account on StealthGenie’s website, from where the user can download and listen to them.

2. Call Logs

StealthGenie also allows the user complete access to the contact list and call logs of the target phone. Along with details such as the call duration and the number dialed.

3. SMS Messages

The app gives you complete access to the content of the incoming and outgoing SMS Messages of the target phone.

4. Google Talk

A unique feature offered by StealthGenie is its ability to give you access to conversations conducted over Google Talk.

5. Data Access

The app gives you complete access to the target phone’s memory. Allowing you to view pictures and watch videos saved in the phone.

6. Internet Access

StealthGenie offers you the ability to view the web browser history and bookmarks of the target phone. It also allows you to view the emails sent and received by the phone.

7. Geo Location

StealthGenie allows you to track the target phone via the phone’s own GPS tracker. This feature allows you to track the current location of the phone as well as the history of the phone’s movements.

8. Live Recording

Last but not the least, StealthGenie allows you to record the live surroundings of the target phone by the means of an SMS command.


StealthGenie is the ideal spy software for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It has ensured that parents whose children have the latest smartphones have a chance to monitor their children. It has also proved StealthGenie’s worth and commitment to its users by dutifully ensuring StealthGenie works on the latest smartphone generation.


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