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Depression Among Teenagers Urgently Needs Parental Monitoring!

The moody, short-tempered, grumpy, mischievous and what not! These are some prominent characteristics of a typical teenager. But sleepless, depressed, irresponsibility, rashness, drug addicted and suffering are also the extreme effects they are facing due to such cranky habits. When you see such symptoms in your kids, your kids are likely to be suffering from […]

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7 Mistakes Parents Commit While Handing Over Smartphones to Kids

No matter parents are making any excuses, one day they’ll have to hand over a smartphone to their kids. It’s not important which smartphone you’re giving to your kid but it is quite important how you are allowing them to use smartphones! 73% parents seem very anxious while offering smartphones to their kids! 12 years […]

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Parental Monitoring: How Smartphones’ Misuse is Destroying Teens’ Online Reputation!

A recent smartphone study reveals that thousands of emails, text messages, Google searches and multimedia files including “Naked Selfies” have been recovered from factory-wiped smartphones. Over 40,000 photos, 250 Selfies and identity of the owner were extracted from 20 second hand smartphones. What is the recent teen trend in all over the world? Obviously, it’s […]

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Emojis Can Close Technological Gap Between Gen X and Gen Y

Emojis have taken over your texting habits, haven’t they? I know they’ve taken over mine.  I can’t hit send on a WhatsApp message without adding the sunglasses Emoji, or the cat with the sly smile. They’re just tiny images of faces and animals and objects that don’t even seem to make sense. But Gen Y […]

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Cell Phone Monitoring Uncovers Wrong Kind of Music on Your Teen’s Phone

What happens if your kid idolizes the wrong kind of pop or rock star?  Kids listen to music on their mobiles with their headphones on and you might not even know if they’re listening to something inappropriate. Growing up, I would listen to a lot of Stevie Nicks. I had her posters up my wall […]

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70% Facebook Activity is Related to Photos: Posting Photos Online is Riskier than You Think

No one brings cameras to parties anymore. Okay, so maybe that’s going too far. Perhaps 2 of your friends bring their DSLRs along so you can have a nice display picture for your Facebook by the end of the night. Still, you cannot simply look past this trend; whenever people get together, they snap shot […]

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The Authority Figure’s Guide to Managing the Smartphone Generation – Part-II

In the 1st part of this blog, we talked about how fast we are becoming addicted to smartphones. The smartphone generation of today is far more difficult and complicated to deal with. Although all of us use our smartphones excessively but still we boiled it down to two categories: employees and the youth. In the last part, we discussed how the employees […]

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Children Are Naughty! Parents Should Be Clever

The best of the things happen when children are around but that is not limited to fun only. Troubles also accompany and that can cause some serious worries. One cannot be so relaxed that any news makes him or her taken aback just because of being casual. Handle Children with Care Being a step ahead […]

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Access of Everything is Bad

Excessive use of smartphones can no doubt cause a number of mental and physical disorders. Despite the fact not much light is still shed on how overuse of these gadgets can cause serious physical issues to our body. Let’s take a look at how exactly smartphone over usage affects your child’s physical health. What Exactly […]

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3 Best Ways for Treatment of Tech Addiction amongst Teenagers

Teenagers these days have completely gone overboard with the use of technological gadgets. It’s absolutely not easy to stay away from technological gadgets when they have so much to offer in terms of entertainment that certainly knows no boundaries, just the way teenagers like it. Addiction can be defined as something one can simply not […]

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