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How Cell Phone Spy Can Confront the Teen Social Networking Obsession?

Aren’t your kids obsessed with social networking? Most of you are likely to say yes but with sad faces. Whenever a teenage girl or boy commits suicide, parents are the first ones to be blamed for their carelessness and negligence. With the rising cases of cyber abuse and bullying, it is to admit that there […]

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Avoid Teen’s Gang Involvement With Cell Phone Spy Software

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘gang’? The increasing news of teen’s involvement in gangs is another emerging trend in US and if you are overlooking it, then you are mistaken.  I also came across a gang in my school when I was a kid. They […]

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How Cell Phone Spy Counters Anonymous Online Predators

Online Anonymity, quite simply is when you hide your true identity. You could be Pretending to be someone else Using an alias Using no online name at all A lot of social media websites these days having the option for anonymous posting. Here’s Tumblr… …that through the “ask box” gives its users the option to […]

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Trying to Sneak a Peek at Instant Messengers? Please don’t be that Primitive!

Instant Messengers sure have hit it big, we all know that, no need to remind you how much they are in use and everything; kids love using WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and what not; it’s become somewhat of a standard means of communication and that’s that. As a parent, you would be curious about what […]

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What happens when you try to Monitor Smartphones using the average Spy App

Monitoring what happens on a smartphone may not be difficult, but like all things there is a way to go on about it. There are a number of problems you would be faced with, and if you are using a Spy App that is not up to the mark then you will find yourself more […]

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Apple to make Smartphones, Smarter!

It seems we would keep getting awed at how faster the technology is getting smarter. There is a war of wits going on among the smartphone rivals and Apple seems to be taking the lead with its awe-inspiring innovative ideas. Here’s what Apple has in mind for us: Phone Getting Smarter than the Users! We […]

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Galaxy SIII – Opening up the Universe

For a decade Samsung’s name has been synonymous with mediocrity, known for producing products with little ingenuity despite being reliable. But in the last couple of years Samsung has taken the world by storm, what was once a mediocre company is now truly a giant in the world of smartphones. The breakthrough which allowed Samsung […]

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8 Useful Everyday Things Modern Smartphones Can Do

We all use our mobile phones for things that you would normally expect from a phone. We make calls, send messages and browse the internet. These things have become the norm in mobile phone use but there are some astonishing everyday tasks that our phones can now do. If you own a smartphone, it can […]

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StealthGenie: A Quick Setup and Round-The-Clock Monitoring

These days, cell phone monitoring app users appear to be enveloped in various confusions. The reason behind this confusion is the emergence of the various mobile tracking apps that claim to carry out their tasks without any hindrances! In reality, only a few apps work with perfection and the rest are most likely to give you a […]

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