Stop Your Employees From Using Mobile Phones At Work!

Cell phones have connected people living miles away. You can easily communicate with anyone , be it your family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc. Pick up the phone, dial the number and say Hello! As easy as that.


However, when it comes to work, we have policies to follow. But, some employees tend to ignore the warnings issues to them and rapidly violate the regulations. Seeing this, employers put on staid work place restrictions to prevent them from using cell phones during work hours. Installing cell phone tracker applications offer another method to put a halt to this infringement.

  1. To begin with, you need to decide on some some principal reasons why you’d want your employees to stop them from using their cell phones when working. For example, improving workplace safety, professional civility and work productivity, among others that you feel can give rise to any issues to include in the policy.
  2. Monitor the frequency of their cell phone usage, along with the time duration they take up in the workplace. You can make a clause that employees can only use mobile phones during lunch hours or other non-working hours.
  3. Notice where employees tend to use their cell phones. Occasional cell phone usage can be considered an exception, since in no way, it can harm the firm’s overall work productivity. However, for those, who seem to use the phone every now and then, might possibly be harming the office decorum, unintentionally. One way to deal with it is to discuss it with the employee privately. However, if your warning doesn’t work, a cell phone monitoring application would perhaps be more useful in the riddance of this habitual phoning dilemma. 
  4. Make sure that your company policy strictly mentions about texting, internet browsing or email checking, listening to music etc. via cell phone technology. Include the significances and penalties for any policy violations and distribute it to all your employees.
  5. Evaluate the complications of implementing a policy that rigorously prohibits employee cell phone use. You wouldn’t want your employees to quit rendering their services to you, either. For example, for working parents, staying in contact with their kids or families or unseen incidents or emergencies are considered in indispensable need for cell phones. Your policy shouldn’t be so harsh that your employees resort to unacceptable ways to approach others through phones, perhaps by means of deception such as sneaking away during work hours even if it’s for a couple of minutes.

A viable way to keep a check on your employees cell phone use is by installing a cell phone tracker into their cell phones and  get auto-updates for whatever information you seek.

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