StealthGenie is a Charismatic way of Tracking Android Smartphones

Latest surveys have shown that almost 85% of the smartphone market is soon to be occupied by Google’s Android based gadgets. Experts have set the clock till 2012, it means in a year’s time Android will rule the mobile phone industry leaving behind all other cellular technologies i.e. Apple, Windows phones, and of course, Symbian Mobile phones. Those who are enjoying this OS are more than happy and keep on experimenting latest updates coming their way, the android market comprises of people belonging to all walks including parents, adults, teenagers, business personals, etc. All are enjoying the privileges bestowed with this affable operating system.

Android has made mobile phones really intelligent but little complex for those who are lagging behind technological sense due to lack of interest and those who are concerned over their loved ones. For example, if a parent wants to see the activities of their little one then it is quite a task to snoop into their mobile phone, password protection and slightly complex functions keep them aloof from their brood’s activities. The smartness obliged to their child is fully pumped up with these complex smartphones, so, to provide unflinching support to such parents, StealthGenie Android Monitoring Software has been introduced.

StealthGenie Android Monitoring Software will dive into your peewee’s Android operated device and gulps in all the information and data you have been striving to peep into. The software will secretly monitor their movements in real time and uploads them on the secure online interface, titled, myGenie. On myGenie, you can view all the tracking information along with the name of the place and the time the child stayed at that particular place. Previously visited location’ history of the given day will also be displayed. The software performs these innovative tasks via utilizing ‘Geo Live Location Tracking’ feature, which allows specifying location boundaries on the Google map and send instant alerts to the user via SMS/Email when the target smartphone of the child crosses that boundary. The feature is wondrously operational and functions regardless of boundaries and distances in between. Using your Member Area you can even mark prohibited areas on the map that you consider are suspicious or unsafe for your child. Those areas could be some places notorious for drugs supply, crime scenes, or some particular houses that you want your child to stay away from.

Enhancing the above by an innovatively designed feature ‘Geo Fencing,’ StealthGenie has added charms to the Android phone industry. The map available in the Member Area allows you to either manually draw a boundary around a particular location or just enter the name of the place or city you want to get alert whenever left by your child. It really helps when you are away for some official tour or have left your child at someone’s disposal. It is a caring software and understands your worries regarding your dear. So, whenever your teenager or child is consciously or inadvertently leaves the boundary you have specified for their safety, you will get instant messages through Email and SMS anywhere in the world.

These are two of the highlighted functions that are adding value to Android smartphone with beautifully designed and handy widgets, but there are others, more than 30, like providing complete Call and SMS logs, you can read emails (sent/received), listen into any live call and record them for future use, you can read saved drafts, view attachments with emails, listen surrounding of the target phone up to 15 feet, view all the phonebook contacts, videos, photos captured and uploaded, appointment details and Calendar entries etc. with StealthGenie. So, stay tuned to get yourself updated with the saga of evolving world of StealthGenie, entail in providing you with exceptionally best services.

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