StealthGenie Announces New Features- Monitor WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail App Seamlessly!

StealthGenie has been up to a lot lately! You got the revamped and a user-friendly website and an updated software but wait, there’s more to come your way: three brand new features are now fully functional and available to all existing and new StealthGenie users. Now you can spy the Gmail app, iMessage and WhatsApp messages and media files as well!

There’s simply no way that your kids or employees can hide anything from you now- not anymore because StealthGenie rolls out the much asked-for features: now you can monitor messages sent and received through WhatsApp and iMessage along with Android and iPhone Gmail app logging.


WhatsApp Monitoring:

Likewise if your kids or employees are using WhatsApp- a cross-platform free messaging app, to send and receive free and unlimited text messages and media files on their smartphones, you can outwit them in no time. Simply install StealthGenie and read their WhatsApp messages and videos or pictures that have also been saved in the phone gallery remotely. So even if WhatsApp messages and contacts don’t show up in the phone bill, you can still monitor them fully. Click here for detailed information on WhatsApp monitoring feature.

iMessage Monitoring:

If you have a hunch that your kids are using their iPhones to exchange explicit videos or messages or if you doubt that your employees might be using this free messaging service to leak company secrets then iMessage monitoring is essential. Along with SMS logging, iMessage monitoring feature will also let you read full-length chats through iMessage remotely from your online user account on My Genie. You can also view the IM names and time and date stamps as well. All multimedia files that are downloaded using iMessage and are stored in the target phone gallery are also accessible to you remotely. To read more on this handy feature, click here.

Gmail Monitoring:

We all send and receive e-mails with just a few taps using the Gmail app for iPhone and Android. But when it comes to employees and kids, it might be important to log them. StealthGenie also supports Android and iPhone Gmail apps so that you can read all e-mails sent and received by the target phone user using the app. Of course the e-mail IDs and time and date stamps are also recorded. Read more to know how to make best use of this feature.

Get the full picture and get more from StealthGenie because you deserve the best! Monitor your kids or employees or both with cutting-edge stealth technology that now enables you to monitor WhatsApp and iMessage as well. And trust us- there’s plenty more to come because with StealthGenie, you can’t stop getting the best!

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4 Responses to StealthGenie Announces New Features- Monitor WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail App Seamlessly!

  1. Joshua January 17, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    Would be nice to see other group chat apps supported. Groupme is very popular too and I do not have access to this.

    • Nena Jacobs February 11, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

      Thank You for the suggestion Joshua – this thing is already in our list and you’ll be seeing the update soon!

  2. Randy yaple September 16, 2013 at 3:06 am #

    Stealth how do. You install if you can’t get the password to the phone to down load the app? Is there a app that you can send them in a photo form so once they open it the app or software then is installed ?

  3. James September 17, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    Well Mate, that is one issue that you will need to get past on your own; there are no such apps that get automatically installed if you send them a photo or something, thats more like a virus!

    You will need the password, just find out a clever way to get it! :D

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