Phone-Crazy Teens and the Reluctant Parents

Talk about generation gap, I know it sounds too pushy but it’s reality nevertheless. May be we adults would never understand why these phone-crazy teens are always glued to their phones. But perhaps we should. Perhaps it’s time that we pay close attention as to why the kids are inseparable from their smartphones.


Do you find it intimidating?

It irks me equally much each time my daughter why she is glued to her iPhone my daughter retorts, ‘you don’t know this, things have changed, Ma!’ kids are that way: they are so self-assured and think they can conquer the world. And that confidence can also lead them into trouble. Parents are parents they can’t stop worrying for their kids and they shouldn’t. You will actually be amazed what I came across on a report by Australian Bureau of Statistics that 76% children aged at 12 to 14 years had mobile phones already and more alarmingly, 79% children use the internet either during school hours. Do you find it alarming that kids can access virtually everything and get in touch with all kinds of psychotic adults while you mistakenly believe your children are safely studying at school? Worst still you kids could be at the risk of:

  • Being bullied by stalkers on the web
  • Misreported facts and sexually explicit content
  • Giving away personal information to strangers that might be misused later
  • Pedophiles and molesters trying to be in touch with them
  • Drug dealers and substance abusers who might tempt your kids in guise of friends
  • Being kidnapped and exploited sexually and be forcefully involved in criminal activities

Protect your kids; it’s a jungle out there:

When you find that your kids are getting obsessed with their phones, you must get on your alert. I know parents can be so lazy and they tend to linger till the problems gets out of control. If you show your reluctance towards your kid, chances are high that your kids might exploit the leniency. And when they do, you will have to bear the loss equally much and none of this is pretty stuff. So when you see that your kids are spending too much time downloading apps from the internet and texting their peeps non-stop, it’s time that you get hold of some parental control software and secretly install it on to your kids’ phone. This will yield you some control over your kids’ cell phone usage. You can log calls, SMS, files, web history and pretty much everything.

The Crux:

The name of the game is to be vigilant. The reluctant and laid back attitude isn’t going to do you or your kids any good. While barring cell phone usage for kids is certainly not the solution, monitoring one definitely is. Parents today have to be at par with their kids and get themselves acquainted with latest monitoring trends like parental controls. After all, you have too much on stake and you can’t afford to lose any of it.


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