KitKat 4.4, Samsung Galaxy Note III, and the upcoming Apple Event, the Tech World is brimming with updates!

There is just so much happening is the Tech World that we are excited as ever! One major revelation is celebrated and there is another waiting to take its spotlight. With so much to take in we have decided to give you an overview of everything that has happened and an insight into what you can expect.

Have a Break have a new Android OS!

From Key Lemon Pie 5.0 to Kit Kat 4.4! Will this start a new trend? An advance from the use of generic food names to actual brand names? Although they claim that this move had no monetary motives we are a bit skeptical on that regard. It does bring with it a lot of suspense though, Google has been very vague in what the Android 4.4 is set to offer, they did however, had this to say; “our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” What does that even mean? Google does however give hints as what you can expect from the new OS in the video below:

As usual the internet was ever so quick to respond; and Nokia came out with the following amusing image:

And then there was some comical humor as well:

The Fastest Smartphone (Phablet to be precise) Ever!

Coming over to the Samsung Galaxy Note III, it sure has a lot to flaunt; a 5.7 Inch AMOLED super display, 13 Megapixel camera, 3 GB of RAM, and a 2.3Ghz Quad Core Processor! That’s really something and it paves way for developers to utilize all that extra horse power into stunning graphics, immersive environments, and other demanding applications. With specs like these I guess it’s only a matter of time before you start using AutoCAD, Maya, and Photoshop (the full version that is, not the stripped down one) on your handheld Android device.

Looks wise, you won’t be able to able to tell the difference at first sight, however it is now a bit thinner and lighter than the Note II. They have made minor changes with the front camera and sensor positions, but the most major change comes from the back! The backside is rather luxuriously set in leather (not real organic skin mind you), with stitching on the sides. This makes it quite comfortable to hold and you get that premium feeling out of it as well.

There are of course numerous software features, and the increased usability of the S pen as well, but then again there is no need to go into such detail, Samsung always has its pre-installed flurry of or should I say excess of bloat-ware that becomes a bit too unnerving for the causal user. But then again, I highly doubt the Note III is aimed at casual users, rather it has its own Niche of users as not everyone fancies carrying around an extremely large cell phone in their pocket or holding it to their ear to listen to a call for that matter!

The Upcoming Apple Event!

Is it just me or are Apple events always awaited for the most? I guess the rumors keep us all guessing and since its Apple they have a reputation of being well presented and making their events into a worldwide attraction. Everyone wants to get a first glimpse at what Apple unveils and for that millions of people are hooked into live streaming the event and getting live updates and what not.

So what can we expect from the Apple event on 10th September?

iPhone 5S

No surprise about that, Apple has always followed a similar release cycle of coming up with the S version of their current device that basically looks the same but has an updated hardware along with a number of other features. You can expect a new finish other than the already available white and black, the iPhone 5S would most probably have a 13Megapixel camera, more RAM, a faster processor, and hey let’s not forget the much rumored finger print scanner! They might make a surprise move by not launching an iPhone 5S and moving on to the iPhone 6 but that’s just a wild guess.

iPhone 5C

As rumor has it, Apple is finally entering the mid budget smartphone market, and with that the C may stand for Color, Cheap, Cool, Casual, or whatever but we do know that it will have a plastic body coupled with hardware that is around the lines of the iPhone 5.

Other than that Apple is most likely to tell the world about the exact release date of the iOS 7, as that is something that has been really got us excited, of course StealthGenie will be compatible with the new iOS once a jailbreak is released but since Apple has redesigned a lot of things it is likely that the jailbreak will take its time.

We can hardly wait for the event and see what Apple has in store for us this time around, guess it’s just a matter of waiting around now!

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