Keeping Your Human Resource Intact Matters!

In this age where the world has shrunk into a global village, job switching is being recorded at sky-rocketing rate. A few months in one organization and the employee starts looking for a next job where s/he could bargain a better pay package and better perks. Gone are the days when an employee would respectfully retire form the organization he joined after graduating.


Who’s on the Losing End?

But in this trend of rapid job switching, who is at the losing end? Technically, it bids ill for the employee, too who clearly depicts less loyalty and lack of stability- both personal and professional. But mostly, it’s you the owner of the organization, who has to suffer the brunt of such a swift job switching.

To slow down, if not completely stop, the rate at which your employees would leave your firm for some other, you need to take some concrete steps to keep your human resource intact. It is going to give out bad impression of your organization to others if you can’t keep your employees loyal to your firm. Keep in mind that your employees are the first to warn a new entrant how no one stayed longer on a particular post for more than a few months! You’d have no way to stop all this negative hype your organization will gather.

Employee-Friendly Policies:

I left my previous job because I detested the policies. Who would like to be on probation for six solid months? Mind you, you don’t get any perks from the office for the probationary period- who on earth would want to be denied of all the goodies for half a year? ‘No, thank you’ is what I said to my ex-employer and tendered my resignation! Don’t expect your employees to stick to you for long if you have strange policies form 90s.

Don’t be Too Hard on Them:

Remember that your organization is not generating all the profits only because of your astute business sense or far-sightedness. Your employees also contribute a lot in making all the money of which you keep the lion’s share. If you are too peaky about your employee being late for ten minutes and cut-off half day salary then don’t complaint if your employee avails the first chance to switch. Don’t forget it takes a new employee three months to get the hang of the job. Take it easy on your employees. Revising their pay package after every three months is a good idea. I laud my boss for regularly reviewing my salary!

Pamper Them Occasionally:

You might as well like to reward your entire staff occasionally as you meet a certain important bench-mark. Rolling an e-mail thread to all your employees on each achievement and making them apart of it will certainly make your employee think high of you (trust me; you wouldn’t want to know how an employee really thinks about the boss!) So taking them out on dinners, arranging a festive BBQ at office or a movie initiative might be good on your part.

Don’t be Overly Lenient:

At the end of the day, you don’t have to be overly generous as you’re not the subordinate, you are the boss. So keeping a strict eye on your employees against misusing office resources and leaking company information is equally important. For that, you may install one of the employee monitoring apps on their smartphones to remotely monitor them. You can even monitor them when you’re not in the office. Let your employees know that they are important to you but keep strict surveillance nevertheless! May you don’t have to sign a resignation letter until long!

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  1. James - July 7, 2014

    Les travailleurs en équipe ont tendance à être des personnes qui gardent l’équipe intacte intact. Ce que vous devez faire est de faire en sorte que leurs compétences de motivation sont utilisés

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