Is ‘Employees BYOD’ A Threat To Your Organization?

According to a study by CIO, 48% employers would never allow their employees to bring their own device to work. However, the study also showed a completely different angle as well – 57% of IT managers and employees bring their own device to work, regardless of the policy.

So, are you one of those employers who want to restrict your employees belonging to that 51% of the lot who give heed to the restriction?


This is where the problems arise – when employees bring their own device to work, they access the company’s networks to use the internet. Now, what do they use the internet for… who knows?
A latest study conducted by the SANS institute revealed that many organizations and business owners aren’t even aware that of the extent of their employees using their personal devices. The study shows that hardly 9% of the companies keep a watch on their employees and are aware of what their employees doing using their own devices, whereas 50% are fairly aware of the situation.

Due to this oblivious state, many businesses are never prepared how to handle the misuse of the office resources, or never find out who within the organization is selling away their company’s trade secrets to the rival companies.

To reduce the chances of maximum risk, some companies have taken up measures like PC monitoring, website logging, MDM (mobile device management), restricted network access, thumb impression device etc.

However, there is another way to look at it. The more you try to restrict something, the bigger and stronger the reaction to it becomes. Moving forth with this prospect, the study also highlights that approximately 60% of organizations allow their staffers to bring their own device, in order to avoid any work distress or organizational insurgency.

This progressive approach and liberal policies and administration enables in taking better and security measures to safeguard the company against any in-house work agitation elements often triggered by employees.

There are various secure ways to monitor your employees, employee monitoring applications is one way to handle it.

If you haven’t installed monitoring applications within their mobile phones, laptops or PCs, it might be, if not in the present, but in the future, become a potential threat to your company.

According to various authentic news resources, even the White House is seriously considering on enforcing a federal BYOD policy. With workers using their personal devices, it can give rise to any tumult or terrorizations from external factors or foreign agents, since employees can create nodes on the networks without awareness or even expose any internal information which is a serious risk, in case the devices are lost.

Even though, there are organizations who are preparing a proper strategy to restrict their employees from bringing their own device and working on making a more severe official policy to limit BYOD, however, it still seems like an ignored zone.

If you need to protect your organization from external or even internal perils, monitor your employees to stay on the safe side.

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