iPhone 4 Spy Software – Why Everyone’s Getting It?

we all know it that iPhone 4 is a super cool smartphone that is sure to miss a beat for the teens. But, why do parents feel the need to spy on them if they let the kids have iPhone in the first place?

Face the Facts:

According to a blog on child psychology, children in high school actually feel inferior if they do not have the iPhone. And an interesting piece of stats claims that 15pc of teens from 14-18 years actually dropped out of school due to failing grades – the reason being not having an iPhone. Intimidating as it is, parents also find it something to brag about.


iPhones- The Rosy Picture:

iPhones sure have become everyone’s favorite smartphone, but when it comes to kids, handing them such a techno-rich phone, has its repercussions! It sure is to help your kids with their assignments when the lab computers are occupied. And with the right apps, your kid is definitely going to have inquisitive skills polished. With an integrated calculator, dictionary and ease-to-use without carrying a bulky laptop around, iPhone is there to help your kids in school.

Of course, iPhone comes with the unlimited apps that your kids can download from the internet. Assignment and lecture reminders, downloading e-books easily, apps for taking snapshots and taking notes on the phone much faster and accurately are sure to give a boost to your kids’ academic performance.

The Rose Comes With Thorns:

But one thing that parents tend to undermine is that the iPhone might not be that sensible an option for the kids who have vulnerable minds. The unchecked flow of information and all the apps that your kids could download constitute heavily to the bad habits they can develop. Needless to quote the facts, teens do indulge obsessively in porn on the internet and social networking sites addiction is another thing to worry about. While you can somehow monitor internet usage on the PCs at home, you can’t certainly monitor their cell phones that have with all the security locks to fool even Charles Babbage.

Parents need to take internet protection into account before handing over such an advanced phone to the kids. Your kids could be coerced to divulge personal information to strangers who can misuse and blackmail you and the kids. The scary part is yet to come: if you stick to the conventional modes of parenting, the odds are high that you wouldn’t know much that is going in your kids’ lives. They could be cyber bullied, harassed or worse, tempted into grievous crimes.

Do The Wise Thing-Jump The Bandwagon!

For once, we’re all in for this bandwagon effect. It creates all the right hype about these iPhone 4 spy software in the market. While, there surely are spy apps for other smartphones too, like Android and BlackBerry, but the iPhone needs special attention as it is far more private and personalized. It does need max awareness that teens using iPhone 4 unattended can be harmful. Hence, with an iPhone 4 spy software installed in your teens’ iPhones will keep you informed and up-to-date on even their slightest phone activity.


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