How to Deal With Teenager Parental Issues

Parenting can be one of the hardest jobs in the world and it gets even harder when your children pass the age of 12. The image of teenagers depicted in the media is usually rebellious, trouble-making, near-criminals who make life hell for everyone around them. While that is obviously not true, the constant barrage of such images leaves parents in fear that their children might be burning cars and robbing liquor stores when they say they’re “at a friend’s place”!


These kinds of assumptions are what lead to parental issues and no matter how much parents think what they’re doing is good parenting, teenagers can get out of hand if not dealt with correctly. That is why we’re going to discuss some parenting tips that will hopefully help all the parents out there with their parental issues.

Treat Them Like Grown Ups

People who are between 13-16 years of age are stuck in the middle of the child/adult ages. No matter how much you call them ‘young adults’, parents will always think of them as children and they will always think of themselves as adults. The trick for parents is to find the middle ground and treat them like adults. Teenagers are surely not going to compromise as they’re at an age where they want to be treated like grown-ups so it is up to the parents to fix the problem. Give them some respect, have adult conversations with them and discuss family matters with them like you would with an adult.

Give Them Their Space

Teenagers are at a stage of their life where they are discovering new things about themselves and about the world every day. This is the stage of their life where they find out what kind of music they like, what their ‘look’ is, where they like to hang out and who their friends are. They basically start becoming the person they will continue to be throughout their lives. Giving them space to discover life themselves without forcing your own opinions on them is the perfect example of good parenting in this case.

Lead By Example

While teenagers aren’t really susceptible to any advice you lay on them at that age, they will still look for guidance through your actions. As Carl Jung said, “Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk”. Try doing small stuff like not smoking in front of them, limiting the use of bad words and generally doing what you would want them to do as adults.

Don’t Be Over Bearing

Even if you want to watch over your kid (as most parents do), don’t make it obvious. Doing things like bursting into their room or continuously checking on them when they’re at a friend’s place will only make you the enemy in their eyes. Try to keep your surveillance as covert as possible.

Here’s hoping these parental tips help you forge a strong relationship with your child which can reflect in their behavior. You can share your own parenting stories or any examples of good parenting in the comments section below.


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