How Cell Phone Monitoring Gets a Bad Rap For All the Wrong Reasons

Cell phone monitoring applications get a pretty bad rap for being ‘intrusive’ but what people don’t understand that these applications play a very important role in the lives of many people who use these for positive reasons which really impact their lives. This article will discuss the two major users of mobile phone spy applications and how they help them make their lives better.



Why They Need Them

Raising children is no easy task. If you are a parent to teenagers, you really need to keep an eye on them and will need to know what they are doing to make sure they are safe. Teenagers face a large number of dangers when it comes to their lives outside the house. They could be getting bullied at school; they could be falling into the peer pressure trap and be getting involved in drug use, fights and other negative activities. The only way to make sure they stay away from such activities is to monitor their activities.

How They Help

Once a parent is monitoring all of their child’s cell phone activities, they pretty much have a complete idea of what they are up to. Teenagers use their cell phones for pretty much all communication and getting access to their call recordings and SMS messages means parents now have complete knowledge of their kids and can be there to save them if they get in trouble.


Why They Need Them

An employee is a very important asset for any employer. They can be as advantageous to your company as they can be disastrous. Due to the power that employees have, employers are always in fear of a rogue employee ruining their business. Any employee with sensitive information could go rogue and do a lot of damage to the company. An employer doesn’t want to live in the constant fear and paranoia that one of their employees might decide to go all ‘dark side’ on them. A lot of employers issue cell phones to their employees for official activities and they are always in fear that their employees might be using these phones for negative purposes.

How They Help

Cell phone monitoring applications give employers the peace of mind that they deserve. When they can monitor the cell phone activities of their employees, they don’t have to fear the fact that their employees might be leaking company information or maybe misusing company resources as they can see all activities and clamp down on anything that should not be taking place. Cell phone monitoring apps can save employers from a ton of damage, both financial and emotional.


The fact of the matter is, everything coin has two sides. Just as cell phone monitoring apps get a bad rap for being intrusive and such, they are also life savers for a lot of people. Maybe we should look at both sides of the coin before making our minds up about what they are. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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