Fall of the “CrackBerry”, is there any Hope Left?

Everyone knows what BlackBerry is. For more than seven years, BlackBerry’s name was synonymous with the term smartphone. It was a status symbol, a sign of success, a sign that you were a part of the thriving corporate world. In 2006 it was one of the world’s most popular phones, completely dominating the business sector and the making advances in the consumer market as well. BlackBerry was so addictive to its users that its nickname became “CrankBerry”. But by 2007 BlackBerry lost all advances it made in the consumer market and kept losing ground steadily in the corporate market as well.


Rise of BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s success was defined by the fact that it provided the corporate sector with two things that the sector cherished; reliability and security. Running on an independent network, BlackBerry became wildly popular among businessmen. But this success did not last as the world changed right when BlackBerry was basking in its moment of supremacy and dominance, along came Apple’s iPhone and knocked BlackBerry off the pedestal and took over as the world’s most popular smartphone.

Downfall and Bad times

RIM did not give up easily, it tried to fight back to make its products seem more attractive to the consumer market. But each product lead to a bigger and worse fiasco, BlackBerry was simply unable to shake off the corporate image that it had made for itself. Its products did not have the same appeal to consumers as Apple’s and Android’s smartphones have. RIM’s stock price fell as much as seventy five percent in the last couple of years. The future seemed bleak for BlackBerry.

A Lucky Break

BlackBerry’s lucky break came in 2009 when the newly elected President Obama openly used his BlackBerry in his presidential campaign and expressed his desire to use it during his presidency. This was exactly the type of publicity that BlackBerry needed. It stabilized BlackBerry’s situation somewhat, giving it time to develop new products.

A New Leaf

Since then BlackBerry has extensively tried to make user friendly products, revamping the BlackBerry operating system to allow the creation of smartphone apps. This move completely revolutionized the user experience for BlackBerry phones, allowing a greater degree of user interaction. Third party apps such as employee monitoring apps allowed business to increase their work productivity. Although it was late in releasing touch screen phones, BlackBerry does not intend to make the same mistake twice. As of 2010 BlackBerry announced that it will be releasing ten new models, including the BlackBerry 7 series.

A Small Hope

Despite the widespread speculation that BlackBerry would not be able to exist as an independent business, it has survived against all odds and has even managed to dominate markets in certain parts of the world such as the Central American countries. This shows to us that hope still exists for BlackBerry. While it may not have popular domestic consumer demand, it is still the best business phone out there and is still used by some of the biggest multinational corporations.


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