Digital Wisdom for Parents

Time has changed; today learning to use technology is as important as reading was in our times. Technology is fast digitizing our lives and there is no escape from not learning to use new gadgets. Parents need to quickly adapt to using new gadgets because if they don’t they might as well won’t be able to make much sense out of this rapidly changing world.

Girls on phones.

In today’s world, unaided minds can’t cope that well with the complex demands of our lives. You did not imagine that it would be impossible today to survive without a cell phone back in days when you solely relied on postal mail or telephone to communicate to your loved ones. In this race where the fittest survives, one has to be fast enough to embrace new trends in technology that shape our lives.

Technology Enhances Intelligence:

Do you believe that technology has done us no good and has made us dependent and addicted to it and that we no longer can function properly without a gadget or two? This might be true but technology in fact aids our intellect and lets us function faster and better. In today’s world where life moves at a neck-breaking pace, one cannot possibly remember all the things and deal with information overload. Furthermore, the work nature has also transformed, now you can get no further in your career if you don’t equip yourself with at least basic computing skills and don’t have substantial knowledge about hardware and software. Today, we tend to focus on tricky aspects of anything and use technology to get our work organized and do laborious and repetitive tasks without being subject to unintentional biases like us.

Traditional Wisdom Redefined:

Many say that traditional wisdom is rapidly being redefined. As our world now changes too soon, we do have to make the best combination of technology and mind and that’s exactly what digital wisdom is. You can no longer solely rely on memorizing so much information and cannot only rely on past acquired information as well. Our lives demand that we seek information from plenty of sources in variety of ways. Gone are the days when an employee will stick to one job for entire career. As new trends emerge, one has to revise the existing knowledge and update accordingly.

Our kids are the first to accept any innovation or change in technology as they are better programmed to adapt to the new environment genetically. What parents often fail to grasp is that they too have to gain digital wisdom because if they don’t they would lag behind a great deal and might not be in a position to keep pace with their kids. Parents who refuse to get acquainted with digital wisdom would sooner or later get into some kind of depression for not being able to understand their kids and raise them in a better way.

Making Digital Wisdom a Pillar in Parenting:

Parents should really make digital wisdom a part of their parenting because it can helps them in ways they might not have imagined. Using parental monitoring apps for smartphones is one such example where technology aids better parenting. Parents can remotely monitor their kids and know if and when their kids deviate from the accepted moral path. I’m all in for parents getting themselves equipped with latest technology trends to make smart choices like monitoring their kids for good.


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