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When Internet Oversharing Becomes an Epidemic

You enter a restaurant with your friends. You fling out your phone. Facebook: Check in with Sara, Elizabeth, Tiana and Lindsay. Instagram: Upload picture of your food before you even take a bite: Twitter: Lunch with friends! #salad #eatinghealthy #girlsday Point is we love telling our friends what we’re doing every minute of every day. […]

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Month of Many Surprises: Skype Tracking And Portuguese Language Support Add To The StealthGenie Glitz

Just weeks after a major update introducing Viber monitoring feature and Italian language support, StealthGenie now rolls another power feature to monitor Skype chat conversations remotely and that’s not all; StealthGenie now speaks in Portuguese as well as English, German and Italian! Guess what; there is plenty more to come! Spy on Skype Conversations! We, […]

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Exploring More Markets, Offering More Features – StealthGenie Outshines the Rest

Just a few months back, we promised our non-English speakers to serve them the way they like, in the language they speak. And as we explore international markets, All Italian users can now use StealthGenie at the convenience of their native language. Yes, StealthGenie is now available in Italian language and that’s not all- Viber […]

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Easter Gets Feistier as StealthGenie Slashes 15% Off All Mobile Monitoring Products

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner so as we eagerly wait for the Easter celebrations, decorate Easter Eggs and long to meet the Easter Bunny, let’s not forget to make sure our kids and loved ones stay safe during the festivities. That’s why StealthGenie, as always, is pleased to […]

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Another First: StealthGenie Announces Extended Compatibility With iPhone 5 and iOS 6

It’s a roller coaster ride at StealthGenie- full of adventures and excitement only with more highs than lows. Just months after the release of three amazing features: iMessage, WhatsApp and Gmail app monitoring, StealthGenie announces extended compatibility with iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And yes, we are the first to do that, as always! What’s […]

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5 Things That Can Get You Fired- In a Jiff!

BAM! You got the termination letter- you, what? That happens when you take your employer too lightly and poke fun at him/her and mistake yourself for some mastermind who could get away with the most glaring fraud unscratched. That happens when you take your boss for granted. The boss was an employee, too so there […]

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Feel Ubiquitous With A Cell Phone Spy App!

As I was coming to work today, I had my earphones plugged in and the iPod playing the song, “Every breath you take” on a full volume. The lyrics are indeed magical and somehow get you in the mood… Every breath you takeAnd every move you makeEvery bond you break, every step you takeI’ll be […]

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Bad Business Management: It Takes Two to Tango!

It is said that it takes two to tango. At first, I used to think that this idiom means that there needs t be a team work in order to make anything successful. Later, as I grew up, I found out that this phrase means quite the opposite! This idiom actually means that it the […]

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A day in the Life of a Tech-Savvy Parent!

Let’s lose control on our imagination and let’s take a dip into a world where there are super humans- sharp, intelligent and extremely comfortable with technology. Not the world with robots or ‘Back to the Future’ fantasy-a world just like ours only having people with a more developed digital wisdom than us. Let’s picture a […]

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Digital Wisdom for Parents

Time has changed; today learning to use technology is as important as reading was in our times. Technology is fast digitizing our lives and there is no escape from not learning to use new gadgets. Parents need to quickly adapt to using new gadgets because if they don’t they might as well won’t be able […]

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