5 Ways to Know You’re an Overbearing Boss

Are you an overbearing boss?

Work could overwhelm you

Employees may come up short

3 times you told them to get done

But again they forgot


So you’ve resort to shouting,

But are you sure that’s the best?

Let’s try something new,

Put the old employee management methods to rest.


Think we’re telling lies,

Think your management is slick?

If you still don’t believe us, then

Take a look at this infographic:

Have you been short tempered?

Put your workers on a cross?

If you’ve been breathing down their necks, here are

5 ways to know you’re an overbearing boss.

1. Raising Your Voice

Shouting isn’t the right way

Don’t be hasty now

And take a deep breath

Your employees are learning, too

In case you forget


There are other ways

So don’t be a hot head

Pull yourself together,

Be a Jedi instead

Try and be patient

You too were in their place

Employee training is tough, we know

But you must give them their space


Be cool as a cucumber

You don’t have to shout

Try talking in private, asking their problems

Getting to know them will sort it out


2. Micromanagement

Put trust in your workers

They can have a lot to give

Let them be creative

Micromanagement is counterproductive.

Give them some autonomy

And you’ll be in for a surprise

They’ll bring in new ideas

To get your company on the rise.


Use your internal pool of talent

And bring out their best

They’ll stop fooling around

Give you more than you request.


3. Lack of Communication

You may tell them what to do

But this conversation is one way

Have you even stopped to hear

What they have to say?


You think you know it all,

Your business strategy is just fine?

You don’t like it when someone below you

Points out a flaw from time to time


Take their opinions in

Employees can give a fresh perspective

When your methods are old and tired

Their advice can be effective.


4. Pin Drop Silence

Do you pride in the fact that

No one speaks when you’re around?

Employees still in their seats,

Not a soul makes a sound.


I’m afraid that’s not respect, sir

No, they don’t praise your name.

They probably fear for their jobs,

Or their lives just the same.

Boss or monster?

A little friendly conversation,

Won’t hurt every now and then.

We’re not saying you need to go overboard,

Just try and be nice, my friend.

5. Good Outcomes Are Yours, Bad Outcomes Are Theirs

There is nothing more annoying

Than to have given it your all,

And not be acknowledged because

Your boss seems to overhaul.

But make one mistake, I dare you

And wait for what’s to come.

Your boss will have your throat

His own melody he strums.


Don’t be that boss we speak of

Employee appreciation is the right way.

Give credit where credit is due

And they’ll be happy, come what may.


Don’t Be That Boss Everyone Hates

So now you know what it takes,

To be the overbearing head.

Take a step back and you’ll realize

That great things lie ahead.


Instead of breathing down their necks,

Try a sneakier way…

Employee monitoring software

Will make your job child’s play!

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  1. Rebecca May 11, 2014 at 5:24 am #

    Nice Neal! I enjoyed your infographics. For me an overbearing boss is someone who is arrogant, fond of delegation, a micromanager and also a bully.

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