5 Types of Problem Teenagers and How to Spot Them

No matter how well you think you know your teenage child, there is a slim chance you actually know what they are like when they are out of the house and with their friends. Parents of teenagers are normally worried sick about the fact that they cannot find out about their children’s ‘extra-curricular’ activities. Luckily, cell phone monitoring applications have solved this problem for a large number of parents but the real problem is, why would you monitor your child if you think they’re your little angel?

Problem Teenagers

In this article, we discuss 5 types of problem teenagers and their behaviors. See if anything sounds familiar about these and if you think your child is one of them, you might want to invest in some child monitoring software.

1. The Wannabe Gangster

While a lot of people blame rap music for the onslaught of teenagers trying to be ‘gangsters’, this phenomenon has become widespread and is now spreading from person to person. Your child might think that toting a gun (albeit fake) is cool. These types of teenagers are prone to getting into violent situations and starting drugs just because they think it’s ‘gangsta’.

Indicators that your child is a ‘gangsta’ include their jeans being dangerously below their waist and pictures of them posing with ‘guns’ and ‘drugs’ on their phones.

2. The Evil Genius

These conniving teenagers might seem like goody two shoes but they become viciously evil as soon as they get internet access. These are the kids who mostly commit online atrocities like hacking into people’s social media accounts and cyber bullying. They might themselves be victims of bullying in real life and they take out their anger over the internet by subjecting other people to verbal tirades and other forms of cyber bullying.

These teenagers can be spotted due to the long hours they spend on the internet and high intelligence levels.

3. The Bully

The bully is not normally the best student in class and doesn’t perform will in academics. They might be really good at physical sports and are normally physically intimidating. These kids subject their targets to physical violence and verbal abuse and their parents are subjected to a large number of parent teacher meetings and calls from parents of their children’s victims.

Indicators include the room of a bully which will normally be full of posters of muscle-bound heroes and they normally have a rude attitude towards everyone. .

4. The Copy-Cat

This type of problem teenager doesn’t have a mind of their own. They are the perfect targets for peer pressure and will normally indulge in wrongful activities just to be part of a certain group. Activities that they indulge in could be anything from violent behavior to drinking and doing drugs when they are with their group of ‘friends’.

A good sign that your kid is a copy-cat is that they are lacking in social skills and self-confidence. They will often argue with you to defend the people they hang out with.

5. The Socialite

The idols of The Socialite are Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. They love to party and are not afraid to show it. Alcohol and drugs are a lifestyle for these kids and they love to have a group of admirers surrounding them at all times. These activities could and do lead them into dangerous situations.

You know your child is a social animal if they come home late at night, are always busy on the weekend and have a large number of ‘duck-face’ pictures on their phone.

So, did any one of these sound familiar to you? Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below.


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