5 of the Rudest Things Mobile Phone Users Do

Every action that we perform comes with a set of etiquettes and rules. Just like we are taught table manners and how to talk in public when we are children, there is also an unspoken code of conduct when it comes to internet use. Stuff like not posting a ‘funny’ status if someone left their Facebook page open or not ‘trolling’ YouTube video comments are a part or internet usage etiquettes.

Just like this invisible set of rules makes internet browsing fun, there needs to be a set of rules when it comes to using mobile phones so that mobile phone users do not annoy everyone in close proximity. Below are five things that mobile phone users need to stop doing before someone (I’m not saying it would be me) goes on a rampage with a chainsaw.


1. Broadcasting Your Problems and Conversations

So you’re in a lift with 4 other people when suddenly one of the other people gets a phone call. They answer it and go on to talk loudly about some personal problem that you surely don’t want to be a part of. Not only are they shamelessly broadcasting whatever they’re talking about, they are also making you listen to a radio channel that you don’t want to listen to but can’t even turn off or get away from.

2. Being somewhere else During a Conversation

This happens to me a lot. I’m pouring my heart out to a friend about how my dog died and when I ask them about the burial ritual (pet cemetery style) they simply look up from their phone and go “Wah?” They weren’t listening. They were too busy texting someone while nodding their head and pretending to listen. I am sitting right in front of you; if you don’t want to help me raise my dead dog, at least don’t pretend to listen!

3. Opening a Cinema/Gaming Zone at Random Places

These are the people who love to play games and look at videos on their mobile phones with the volume cranked up and no earphones. I get it, you have a multimedia phone that can play the pirated copy of the new movie you downloaded last night, but I don’t want to listen to it. Neither does the old woman sitting next to you or big guy sitting behind you. We can download our own pirated movies, thank you very much.

4. Text Walkers

If running someone over with your bike was made legal, I would kill every one of these ‘text-walkers’ on the first day it was made legal. Walking on the streets with their heads down and eyes glued to their phones means they will not move out of the way if you’re walking behind them and won’t change lanes if you happen to be walking in the opposite direction and need to get by.

5. Blocking the Checkout Lane

When I am ready to pay for all the grocery I’ve bought, I get my wallet ready and things in order before I walk over to the checkout counter. I do this to save my time and also so that the people behind me at the checkout line don’t maul me with their shopping carts. People who are texting or talking on their phone while the checkout person is shouting the amount of their bill and waiting for payment should be tied to a shopping cart and left to rot in the parking lot.

So, I hope if any of the offenders from the above list were reading this, they will not try to look for where I live and attack me or my dog but will instead learn a lesson and be more considerate. You can share your displeasure or even pleasure in the comments section below.


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