4 Bad Employees That Make You want to be a Good Manager

Sometimes our employees do some ridiculous things that really rile us up but no matter how bad we think our bad employees are, they are nothing compared to the gems on this list. Below are some real employees who did things so ridiculous that it makes you want to attend a good manager course right away.


4. It’s Friday, Friday, I Don’t Work on Friday

Working for the Department of Correctional Facilities in New York, it was Howard Dean’s job to make sure that all the prison inmates were well fed. He was responsible for the food in New York’s correctional facilities which required him to make trips to various food centers on a regular basis. For the 17 years he worked there, Howard made a trip every Friday, with travel and lodging expenses paid by the US Govt. The only catch is, he never went on these trips. While the government was paying for him to go and check out food suppliers, he was sitting at home, enjoying 17 years of long weekends and getting paid for them.

3. Burning Your Work

Postal worker Richard Farrell came up with the best way to avoid his job as a post office worker. Every day, he would collect his mail from the post office and leave to deliver it. Only he didn’t actually deliver it. He would sit at a tavern all day then drive home and burn the letters in his backyard. It isn’t known how many letters he destroyed in his 9 years working for the US Postal Office, but the police found 8,000 letters in his house when they searched it.

2. Burying Your Work

A job as a cremator is pretty simple. You get a body, burn it, and hand the ashes over to the deceased person’s relatives. This simple process was lost on one Ray Brent Marsh from Georgia though who had just been burying all the dead bodies he received at the crematory in Georgia in the backyard of the cemetery. He would give dried cement to the relatives of each deceased body and buried an impressive 339 corpses in the cemetery before he was caught.

1. CSI: Lazy

Mariem Megalla was a forensic scientist working for the CSI unit of the NYPD. She’d been working there since the 1980s before it was discovered that she hadn’t been as cool as the forensic scientists we see on CSI and had been labeling evidence at her own convenience. If there was a piece of evidence that she would have to walk somewhere to get tested, she just wouldn’t bother with it and label it as she wished. Her getting caught led to the reopening of all the cases she had been on since the 1980s.

If you think your bad employees could be doing even worse, it might be time to be a good manager and start monitoring them before it’s too late.


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