10 Parental Monitoring Tips For Mobile Phones – Stop Sighing and Take Some Action!

Have you taken the measures to keep your kids online browsing safe? Ok, so, a considerable number of parents might have installed firewalls or maybe monitoring applications on their PCs or laptops… even tablets, if you thought of outsmarting them.

There’s a bigger problem than a PC now… You probably guessed it… mobile phones! This is how the majority of the parents describe it “it’s the menace that’s taken away our kids from us!” With mobile app developers bringing forth all these exciting mobile apps every day, kids are the first ones to download them and try them out. And, we can’t ignore the easy access to the internet can be – the hub of information… or trouble!

Parental Monitoring Tips

It’s either text messaging or Facebooking, MySpace or browsing through social networks. In fact, they hardly use their PCs anymore, because their dependency on their mobile phones to be able to access their emails or Facebook account has grown massively… adversely, rather.

To top it off, ever since Facebook has acquired Instagram, a photo-sharing application, apparently, users seem to be increasingly hinged to their smartphones ever more than before.

Various studies have been conducted in order to study parental monitoring and it shows that a comparatively lesser number of parents monitor their kids cell phones, however, they are more concerned about their internet usage via PCs and laptops. This is to all those oblivious parents – you can’t ignore the power you have handed them with in the form of mobile phones. After all, the easy access to the internet and from the internet to what not, is but something that can be given less weightage.

What you need is to be educated on how you can improve your parental monitoring methods and stretch it beyond from desktop-PCs to mobile phones… well, you must, if emphasis needs to be put to accentuate the importance of it:

1. Set out time durations to allow your kids to use their mobile phones. No kidding. Do it.

2. Identify the “off limits” timings for their mobile phone use.

3. Sit down and talk to your kids about what consequences they might have to face if they break the rules you set for them. Oh and remember, when doing that, better make it sound serious.

4. If you don’t know about smartphones, teach yourself. Study the phone’s features and capabilities to be able to use this technical know-how in times of need.

5. Talk to them about what to text and what not to text – define the ethics of texting and make sure you tell them about not sharing their personal details with strangers or people they just got in touch with.

6. If you haven’t, you must – install parental control software on their phones.

7. Check their phone activity on a regular basis.

8. View their contact list, see who’re friends with. If you find funny names or absurd nicknames, you better not take it lightly.

9. Keep a watch on any late night calls. Better safe than sorry, right?

10. Remember to tell your kids about not communicating with just any Tom, dick or Harry online. They better be careful since there are pedophiles online, pretending to be kids.  

You might be playing a stellar part in keeping your kids safe, but how much attention have you paid towards their mobile phone use, anyway? If not enough, you can now. 

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