Depression Among Teenagers Urgently Needs Parental Monitoring!

The moody, short-tempered, grumpy, mischievous and what not! These are some prominent characteristics of a typical teenager. But sleepless, depressed, irresponsibility, rashness, drug addicted and suffering are also the extreme effects they are facing due to such cranky habits. When you see such symptoms in your kids, your kids are likely to be suffering from […]

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Why You Need to block 3 Apps from your kids’ smartphone?

The new video sharing, instant messaging and digital dating trends have been popping up recently. Although they are fun and entertaining for teens yet it sometimes becomes difficult for parents to monitor the apps used by their teenage kids on their smartphones. Will you allow your kids to date strangers or publicizing their inappropriate selfies? […]

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Expert Advice for Parents to Monitor and Guide Your Kids’ Digital Activities?

Who does not want to be good at parenting? For better parenting, you always need advice from the experts to monitor and guide your kids at different stages of life. Will you be leaving your kids independently altogether especially in their teen years? Today, when our kids are regularly exposed to media, internet, social networking […]

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How Smartphone Monitoring App Improves Your kids’ Learning Ability?

Are you in favor of teens’ smartphones usage for educational purpose or not? May be you’re divided! At one side, you see the advantages of smartphones in terms of internet, availability of thousands of e-books in your pocket and rapid communication etc. On the other hand, you look at its distractions for kids in terms […]

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How Smartphone Monitoring App helps to Avoid Distractions at Workplace?

You’re not the only one who gets distracted in office. More than half of U.S. workers waste at least one hour or more in a day at workplace. It can be more if you’re not monitoring all the offline and online activities of your employees remotely. As far as you’re an employee, you may not […]

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7 Mistakes Parents Commit While Handing Over Smartphones to Kids

No matter parents are making any excuses, one day they’ll have to hand over a smartphone to their kids. It’s not important which smartphone you’re giving to your kid but it is quite important how you are allowing them to use smartphones! 73% parents seem very anxious while offering smartphones to their kids! 12 years […]

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How Much Texting is Too Much for Kids?

Are your kids textaholic? A study reveals that teens from 13 to 17 send over 1700 texts per month on average! But what’s wrong with that; how can texting possibly affect our kids? Sexting, bullying, random gossiping, anti-social behavior, lack of empathy, limited face to face conversations, sleeping disorder and eye-sight  problems are just to […]

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Parental Alert: Will You Let Your Kids Download the ‘Awkward’ App?

Do you want to publicize your kids’ private confessions? Yes, there is an app named as Awkward, which lets you record a 10-second blurred confession video and publicize it on different social networking forums instantly. It also gives users the facility to manually adjust its blurring feature. One can also make a video with no blurring […]

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See Why People are Using StealthGenie to Safeguard Their Loved Ones?

Parents remain concerned about their kids’ safety throughout their lives. They want to monitor their each and every action to keep them safe. But now it’s time for you to discover all the fears and worries you have about your kids’ activities. StealthGenie allows you to uncover hundreds of questions you need to know about […]

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StealthGenie is Now Available in Chinese!

StealthGenie is always providing state-of-the-art facilities to its customers. Previously we updated you about its compatibility with new iOS 7.1.2 version for our new iPhone users. This time, we are glad to announce that StealthGenie is now also available in Chinese language. StealthGenie is now providing its services to more than 100,000 satisfied users in 10 […]

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