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Is someone using their Android phone to trick you? Do you want to know the truth about someone’s mobile phone use? Would you like to be able to find out everything they are doing? How would you like to be able to monitor any Android smartphone? Keep reading to find out more...

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How can StealthGenie Android Spy help you find out the truth?

You can monitor any Android phone at any time you want with StealthGenie, the most powerful Android spy software. The installation process will take just a few minutes and is very easy for anyone to complete. Within minutes of installation, the exact location and usage information from the monitored Android phone will be uploaded to your online StealthGenie user area which you can log in to from any computer, anywhere in the world. StealthGenie is the pinnacle of technology so it runs in complete invisible mode, so it will not appear on the monitored phone and will remain hidden.

How it works

How StealthGenie works

Do you Know

You could be monitoring all the activities of any Android phone within the next 5 minutes. 5 minutes is all it takes to buy, install and start using StealthGenie on an Android phone.

So, What Android Spy Features Do I Get with StealthGenie?

StealthGenie Android Spy gives you a large number of innovative features that help you monitor any Android phone from any location. The application is invisible to the monitored user so you don’t have to worry about them finding out that they are being monitored. Listed below are some of the groundbreaking features of StealthGenie. Click on 'View all Features' to view the complete list of StealthGenie features.

Spy on Calls

Spy on Calls

Listen to phone calls Live
Record calls
View call history
Spy on SMS Messages

Spy on SMS Messages

View send and receive SMS
View deleted SMS
Redirect SMS
Track GPS Location

View Their GPS Location

Look at current GPS location
Look at location history
Find out travel routes
Read Emails

Read Emails

Read sent/receive emails
Read Gmail
View email contacts list

Instant Messengers

Instant Messengers

View Facebook Chats
View Viber Chats
View Skype Chats
View WhatsApp Chats
View iMessage Chats
View BBM Chats
View Multimedia Files

View Multimedia Files

Get access to photos
Watch videos files
Listen to audio files
Internet Activities

Internet Activities

View web browser history
View bookmarks
Calendar Activities

Calendar Activities

View address book
View calendar entries
Look at meeting scheduler
View Task Logs

Buy their Phone

Listen to Their Surroundings

Listen to phone surroundings
Record phone surroundings
Alerts and Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts on SIM change
Alerts on use of specific numbers and words
Remotely Control

Remotely Control

Control Panel
Remote access
Lock phone
View Installed Apps

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What Our Happy Customers are Saying About Us

StealthGenie Testimonial Carla Pinkleton

StealthGenie’s notifications help me find out who my children are talking to straight away. Being able to listen to their calls and read their SMS messages instantly has really helped me reel in my kids and make sure they are not up to anything dangerous.

StealthGenie Testimonial Dean Winchester

StealthGenie lets me record calls, listen to surroundings and read their messages in real time. This is exactly what I needed to monitor my loved ones and make sure they are not hiding anything from me. StealthGenie is a gift for anyone who cares about their family.

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Why Should You Use StealthGenie Android Spy Software?

  • StealthGenie packs a powerful punch with the most innovative monitoring features for Android phones.
  • Because it costs you less than your daily cup of coffee!
  • Employers would want this easy way to monitor all company owned Android phones without time-consuming reports and information presentations.
  • The monitored Android phone user can never detect the application as it works in total stealth mode.
  • Parents need StealthGenie to make sure they can keep an eye on the activities their children are involved in on their Android phones.
  • StealthGenie is already being used by over a 100,000 satisfied customers.
  • StealthGenie works on all mobile networks and on all Android phones.
  • StealthGenie has been featured by several popular media outlets.
  • Use and installation are extremely easy.
  • Our 24/7 live customer support team is always there to guide you when needed.

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Is StealthGenie Easy to Use?

The answer is YES, it is. Look at how it takes just three simple steps to complete the whole StealthGenie installation process.

Buy StealthGenie

Buy StealthGenie

All your information is strictly kept confidential and no indication of StealthGenie Appears on your bill.
Download Application

Download Application

Just download the application on the phone you want to monitor. its so easy it wont take more than 2 minutes.
View Data Online

View Data Online

Log in to your online StealthGenie user area to view all the information from the monitored phone.
Yes, it IS that simple!

I simply log in to my MyGenie account and can literally see each and every one of the activities being carried out on his iPhone.

StealthGenie works on All Mobile Phones and Networks around the world

StealthGenie works on All Mobile Phones and Networks around the world

StealthGenie works across all major platforms including Android, Apple's iOS and Blackberry. Not sure about your phone? View a list of compatible phones.


Hurry Up - Buy StealthGenie Now Before Prices Go Up!

Android Spy Software

Whether you are a concerned parent facing issues from your teens, or an employee worried about your employees' work performance, the best way to find out the truth is by monitoring their cell phones. StealthGenie Android Spy can help you clear out the doubts and take immediate action!

Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system and StealthGenie makes monitoring Android phones easier than ever before.

From call logs to SMS logs, email records to chat history, gain access to anyone's phone data without having physical access to the device itself. Install the application and get the dice rolling!

Keep a check on your kids and employees with StealthGenie Android Spying and tracking application and watch every move they make.

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